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Нина Беляева – профессор ГУ-ВШЭ, научный руководитель «ПРАКТИКИ НА БАЛТИКЕ», Москва:Проект готовится большой командой профессиональных, увлеченных преподавателей. В Вышке мы нашли ярких, творческих людей, вокруг которых группируются студенты.
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How to Join Baltic Practice

1. If you interested in participation, please, choose the wroking group you wish to join:

  • Migration, Ethnocultural Diversity and National Identity (group leader - Mahama Tawat, Associate Professor, PhD,mahama.tawat542@gmail.com)
  • Anti-corruption policy in the XXI century: modern challenges and innovations (group leader - Sergey Parkhomenko, Associate Professor, PhD, parhos@gmail.com)
  • Discourse of Power or Power of Discourse (group leader - Anna Potsar, Associate Professor, PhD, apotsar@hse.ru)
  • Inequality and Social Policy. Welfare State in Changing World (group leader - Vladimir Kozlov, Associate Professor, PhD,kozloww@gmail.com)
  • Actors of Political Changes (group leader - Dmitry Zaytsev, Associate Professor, PhD, dzaytsev@hse.ru)
  • Rule of Law in Russia: Landscape and Scenarios (group leaders -  Zinaida Pogosova, Associate Professor, PhDczpogosova@hse.ru and Yury Fogelson, Professor, Doctor of Sciences, yfogelson@hse.ru)

2. To be successfully admitted to the Summer school the students are expected to submit an essay (4-5 pages in English) on the topic correpondant to the work group of your choice. Please register to participate in ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and then contact the group leader of your choice to consult on the essay topic.

Application period: February, 2nd - April 15th

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