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Participants of the Baltic Practice 2015

Migration and Problem of Ineguality in Changing World

1. Yana Zdanovich                     Yana_Zdanovich_Economic Sanctions as a F.. Iranian oil and gas industries.doc
2. Abdelrahman Abdelhamid      Abdelrahman_Abdelhamid_Integration with the refugees communities in Egypt.docx
3. Belmonte Martina                  Martina_Belmonte_Selective Migration Policy in EU countries.docx
4. Dmitriy Burykin                      Dmitriy_Burykin_The problem of EU migrat..act of Germany on its outcomes.docx
5. Ivonne Hernandez                 Ivonne_Hernandez_Analising the programm ..or older adults in Mexico City.docx

Discursive aspects of public policy: effects and impacts

1. Sanjay Kumar Rajhans          Sanjay_Rajhans_2G Scam.docx
2. Vera Ivanova                       Ivanova Vera_Ombudsman_Russia_France.docx
3. Shukhrat Takhirov                Shukhrat_Takhirov_Formation of the favou..mate as a factor of the stable.docx
4. Ekaterina Uzoikina                Ekaterina_Uzoikina_Je suis Charlie- the ..lobal public and its discourse.docx
5. Anna Semenova                   Anna_Semenova_Antirecessionary Policy Reasoning in France.docx
6. Vedmetskaya Liudmila          Liudmila Vedmetskaya_Trust and Development.pdf


Actors of Political Changes

1. Alexander Anufriev            Alexander_Anufriev_Protest Publics in Eg..of Impact on Political Changes.docx
2. Aleksandra Kononova        Alexandra_Kononova_Think Tanks Impact on..bedded Democracies case of USA.docx
3. Anastasia Galina               Anastasia_Galina_Ukrainian Protests (201..natory factors and foundations.docx
4. Viktorija Mladenovic          Viktorija_Mladenovic_Mapping the Occupy protest publics.docx
5. Anastasia Lukyanova         Anastasia_Lukyanova_Political Uncertaint.. system of international courts.doc
6. Elena Kriven                     Elena_Kriven_Civil associations as actors of changes.docx
7. Artem Uldanov                 Artem_Uldanov_Volunteer organizations and mass protests Russian experience.docx



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